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Join Our Team

Hometown Advisors is constantly looking for Experienced Advisors, Administrative Support, and Practices that are for Sale. Please see below on how you can join Hometown Advisors.


By joining Hometown Advisors and affiliating yourself with LPL Financial you will be in a unique position to provide independent advice and offer a broad array of products and services to your clients. Let Hometown Advisors handle your compliance and supervisory responsibilities so you can focus on your most important assets, your clients. 

Hometown Advisors offers OSJ services to both onsite, and non-OSJ locations. We are looking to expand our footprint to more cities and town, so if you’re looking for flexibility in working in an existing office, or starting a new one, we have opportunities for both.

We provide training and assist you in your transition to LPL Financial so it will be a smooth and easy process for you and your clients. We also facilitate ongoing training on various products and platforms with LPL Financial and our product partners.

Please contact Dru Torvend at our Supervisory Office to see if Hometown Advisors is a fit for you.

Contact: 916-572-5260 or

Administrative Support:

Our office locations are always looking for superior support. However, at this time, we do not have any available positons. Please check back with us at another time. As we grow and expand to new locations, staffing opportunities may arise. If you would like to file your resume with us, you can send it to the Supervisory Office or email it to: .

Practice Acquisitions:

You spent years building your business and developing your client relationships. It will be worth spending a few moments of your time to discuss your succession plans with us. Hometown Advisors is well suited for acquiring practices since we have experienced advisors in many office locations. We can partner you with one of our local advisors to arrange a buy-out, or we can distribute the client base geographically amongst our advisors. Either way, your clients will receive superior customer service and support. We would like to work with you and come to an agreement that is good for you and us, and great for your clients. For more information, please contact Dru Torvend at: 916-572-5260 or